Meet the Team

Marc SydnorSydnor & Associates, Consultant

Marc Sydnor is a project developer based in Denver, Colorado, working with Apex Clean Energy on wind and solar energy projects. Marc has been involved in a significant part of the development of the Grady Martin Wind project, getting to know project landowners. He has over 20 years of experience in the energy sector, developing projects domestically and working internationally. His background includes development of renewable, coal, natural gas, and pumped-storage hydro energy projects. Marc previously worked at BrightSource Energy as a project developer and directed environmental compliance for the Ivanpah Solar facility through project construction. Prior to BrightSource, he contracted with the Governor’s Energy Office in the State of Colorado and with the United Nations Environmental Program to perform policy and economic analyses for the energy sector at the state, national, and international levels. Marc holds a PhD in international relations from the University of Denver, where his dissertation focused on the economic, infrastructure, and policy factors that influence renewable energy development.

Dru Steubing - Director of Project Development

Dru is responsible for project development, primarily in the Texas coast area. Prior to joining Apex, Dru gained over 15 years of wind experience as a consulting partner with Texas Wind Group, LP, developing wind projects in South Texas and managing construction of wind farms across the United States.

Previously, Dru was part of the start-up Signal Energy, where he took projects from the development stage through engineering, procurement, and construction. Dru also spent time with Zachry as a project engineer, where he oversaw the balance of plant for West Texas wind farms under Enron Wind. He went on to form his own civil construction company, specializing in wind turbine foundations and heavy civil construction. Dru graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor of science in construction science and a minor in business administration.

Faith Tyler - Development Manager

Faith is a Development Manager for Apex’s Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma projects. Her responsibilities include site acquisition, permitting, public affairs, and power marketing. Prior to her role as Development Manager, Faith worked for Apex from 2015 to 2016 as a consultant, assisting in the development of Apex projects in the Texas Panhandle and representing Apex in the Panhandle and West Texas. In particular, she spent time on the development of Cotton Plains Wind (50 MW), Phantom Solar (15 MWac on-site at Ft. Hood), and Old Settler Wind (150 MW), all of which began operating in 2017.

During her role as developer, Faith represented Apex in a lead role of the development of Aviator Wind (525MW which began operations in 2020) and White Mesa Wind (500MW which is currently under construction, with a planned Commercial Operations Date of 4th Quarter 2021).

Faith was 2015’s Ms. Texas for the Today’s American Woman Pageant (a community service and civic-based national pageant) and was named a “National Ambassador” for her dedicated community service work for the state. This community service award included her work for No Boundaries International, an organization dedicated to stop human trafficking in Texas; Downtown Women’s Center, an organization dedicated to providing housing and services to overcome homelessness and addiction in the Texas Panhandle; and Angels in Green, a community website she created to bring awareness to an incurable condition known as gastroparesis.

Hank Seltzer - Environmental Permitting Manager, Apex Clean Energy

Hank Seltzer is an environmental permitting manager with Apex Clean Energy in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he manages environmental affairs and permitting for Apex’s commercial-scale wind and solar projects in ERCOT, SPP, and PJM. Prior to joining Apex in 2017, Hank worked on long-distance, high-voltage electric transmission projects as an environmental manager with Clean Line Energy Partners.  Hank began working in the renewable energy industry with BP Wind Energy in 2007. Hank has a BA in American politics from the University of Virginia and a master of environmental management degree from the Yale School of Forestry.

Patrick Chilton - Public Engagement Manager

Patrick Chilton is a public engagement manager for Apex Clean Energy. He will be working on community engagement for Grady Martin Wind. Patrick joined Apex in 2020 after 6 years as a community and political organizer for non-profits and campaigns. Patrick is passionate about ensuring community voices are heard and accelerating America’s shift to clean energy.

Jackson Markwith – Contract land agent